HMTC, VCam, BTP, MTP, Multi-camo. Whats The Difference?

HMTC, VCam, BTP, MTP, Multi-camo. Whats The Difference?

We often get asked what the difference between all the camouflage colours actually is, they look the same and can be worn together, so what do all the acronyms actually mean? and what is the difference?

We will start with the official camouflage of the British Army which is MTP.
MTP stands for multi terrain pattern and was created to work in various environments that the British Army operate in. As MTP is the official camouflage of the British Army its use is only permitted by companies who manufacture specifically for the MOD. 

 MTP Pattern Camouflage


HMTC (Highlander Multi Terrain Pattern) is produced by Highlander an outdoor company that produces products for the military and air-soft markets. HMTC has been specifically designed to blend with MTP and Multicam clothing and equipment.

HMTC Pattern Camouflage


BTP (British Terrain Pattern) is manufactured by Kombat UK. This has been developed over several years to again be completely compatible with the genuine issue MTP. The current version of BTP has become indistinguishable against MTP.

BTP Pattern Camouflage


 VCam (Viper Cam) developed by Viper which is a large air-soft manufacturer. VCam Pattern Camouflage

and finally Multi-camo. This has become the generic term for camouflage patterns that mimic the British Army MTP. Smaller companies don`t have the time or resources to develop a specific branded camouflage so use the generic term multi-camo. These patterns can vary slightly but you can be assured that they will not stand out against your chosen kit.

Here are some examples of the different patterns in our store. 

BTP Camo MTP Camo VCam Camo HMTC Camo 
BTP Camo MTP Camo VCam Camo HMTC Camo
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British Army Clothing Sizes

There can be a fair amount of confusion when it comes to working out your size in British Army clothing. I know from speaking to customers that there are very few of us that can convert inches in to centimetres so I thought that I should at least try.

Military Jackets Sizes

Right here we go. First lets look at shirt and jacket sizes, inside most of the older DPM and the newer MTP patterns you will find two numbers with a / between them. e.g. 180/96, 170/96, 190/112.

The first number relates to the height / length of the item, these can range from 160 to 200, this should equate to your personal height in centimetres. The most popular size is 180 as the average height is about 5 feet 9 inches. Please note mind that the height measurement 180 is not the length of the garment it is your height but in centimetres.

Here is a simple table to convert the lengths

Centimetres 160cm 170cm 180cm 190cm 200cm
Feet (Approx) 5 feet 3 inches 5 feet 6 inches 5 feet 9 inches 6 feet 2 inches 6 feet 5 inches
  Extra Short Short Regular Tall Extra Tall

Next comes the second number. This is the chest measurement but again in centimetres. If you have ever bought a suit then you should know your chest measurement in inches and we can just convert that into centimetres. For the ones of you that do not know your chest measurement a rough guide is size small will equate to 36” – 38”, medium = 40” – 42”, I have included a full table below to help.

Centimetres 88cm 96cm 104cm 112cm 200cm
Inches 35" 38" 41" 44" 47"
  Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large

So that’s it, you should now be able to work out your size in any of the genuine military shirts or jackets. Now lets have a look at the trousers.

Military Trouser Sizes

The main difference between the jacket / shirt sizes and the trousers is they always come with three numbers split with a / not just two as the jacket do. First number relates to the in-seam or inside leg, middle number is the waist size and the third number is the size of the seat. If you have looked on our website and checked out our sizes you may have noticed that we do not even show the seat size, this is because you cannot request different seat sizes in a given waist /inside leg size, for instance if you need a trouser with a 36” waist and a long leg you will have a 44” seat size and that is the only option.

Here are the leg length sizes available

Centimetres 75cm 80cm 85cm 90cm
Inches 29" 31" 33" 35"
  Small Regular Long X-Long

Followed by the waist sizes

Centimetres 72cm 76cm 80cm 84cm 88cm 92cm 96cm 100cm 104cm 108cm 112cm 116cm
Inches 28" 30" 31" 33" 34" 36" 38" 39" 41" 42" 44" 45"

So I hope that this has maybe cleared up the confusion of British Army clothing sizes and that you are now feeling well informed, but if you are still struggling and don’t know what size to buy, just give us a ring and we can convert your size for you.

Looking for some MTP camouflage clothing or DPM uniform? Take a look here

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Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes

Baileys The Army Store are proud to support Help For Heroes. Money for the charity is collected via the collection tin in store and through donations for wristband and pin badges that are available which also help promote this worthy cause. The Help For Heroes charity provides direct, practical support for those wounded in the services, their message is simple and ask for any help to raise even small amounts. All funds are gratefully received and every penny is used to build facilities and provide services that give our wounded heroes the very best care and support. Help For Heroes is a registered charity, their charity number is:- 1120920.

If you wish to donate please either see in store for merchandise or go to their website.


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iProtec Torches

iProtec LED torches are a new addition to our range, they are superb small compact torches which pack a punch. A range which starts from 100 Lumens max output through to 280 Lumens, all made with LED technology which extends battery power and all made with metal casings. The range starts with the 100 lumen Chameleon which has white, red and green light available built into the torch which is adjustable with the slightest press on the soft touch on/off button also with 4 X zoom magnified lens are just some of the features. Next models consist of the 180, 220 and 280 lumen power versions which all have white light with the same zoom function and glow in the dark end cap button on/off switch, belt clips among other features. These torches are great value and feel great in the hand when operational, all supplied with batteries either AA or AAA.
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BTP – British Terrain Pattern

BTP – British Terrain Pattern

BTP is one of the latest patterns to emerge on the UK market for military products. Brought to us registered and designed by Kombat UK LTD the British Terrain Pattern or BTP as more commonly know is extremely popular as it is an excellent alternative to the more expensive Multicam and compliments the British Forces MTP patterns used superbly. BTP pattern is being used on webbing, rucksacks, packs, clothing trousers and tops, molle pouches and more with the added patterns now of BTP Black which as states is BTP in a darkened black version which is very effective. The BTP range is growing rapidly with excellent quality and attention to detail with affordable pricing to match.
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Waterless Pits & Bits

Waterless Pits & Bits

Its not always easy to keep clean when out on exercise for the military or even wild bush craft/ general camping and sometimes all you need is a quick freshen up. There`s no need to carry huge stacks of shampoo and body lotion around with you that requires lots of water to rinse off when you can use Waterless products. Waterless product are exactly as the names says eliminating the need for a water supply to clean and bath. The Waterless brand has a range aptly named for this very situation and its called – “Pits & Bits“. The Pits & Bits range comprises of a Rinse Free Body Wash, Rinse Free Shampoo and then a Waterless Disposable Toothbrush with built in toothpaste sealed hygienically in an airline friendly pack. The Body Wash and Shampoo work like regular products but without the need for water to rinse. They come in a handy pocket size clear 65ml resealable bottle, are Alcohol free and PH balanced being kind to your skin leaving no residue but with just the hint of apple fragrance for freshness in the shampoo. There is 1 other product in this range of Pits & Bits that is quite incredible although you do need the smallest amount of water to use it – the expandable wipes which are about the size of a 50 pence piece swell up to large cloths when liquid is applied. These are great as an addition to the other products in use when bathing and all together these products are designed with compactness and ease of use in mind.
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