Army Surplus


Army surplus clothing is as popular as it`s ever been, with items from various countries providing quite a wide range of styles, fits and sizes. We supply used and some new army surplus jackets & trousers from the British Army with the DPM woodland pattern and also the desert pattern which is popular for fashion and the more practical outdoors fishing, hunting. We also stock military surplus garments from other countries, at present proving very popular are the Austrian M65 jacket, they are olive green plain jackets and of good condition, we also have for the winter Czech parkas and still some genuine surplus German fur lined parkas.

Ideal for summer, there are the lighter jackets from the French and American styles and then also a mixture of long & short sleeve shirts from the German, Austrian, American and of course the British Army. Used footwear still has its place in the surplus market with the current trend for the British Army assault boot increasing as it`s a good hard wearing boot and a good surplus pair will prove to be good value.

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