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Baileys in Cardiff

Baileys The Army Store in all it`s glorious 46 year history has never been short of the weird, wonderful & colourful element of life that is know as Fancy Dress. Today in the store this wonderful idea of make believe, dressing up and having loads of fun can be found when customers come to us for help with their army outfits and ideas for their party or weekend as the trend tends to be more often than not with a birthday, skittles tour, rugby tour, stag or hen party & even reunions from days of old it`s just a good excuse for a great time. Online shopping for outfits and ideas is also really popular and so simple too without having to wander endless shops. In reality this is just an addition to the real reason for having army gear as we supply soldiers, cadets & T.A alike who need these items for official use.

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