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There can be a fair amount of confusion when it comes to working out your size in British Army clothing. I know from speaking to customers that there are very few of us that can convert inches in to centimetres so I thought that I should at least try.

Military Jackets Sizes

Right here we go. First lets look at shirt and jacket sizes, inside most of the older DPM and the newer MTP patterns you will find two numbers with a / between them. e.g. 180/96, 170/96, 190/112.

The first number relates to the height / length of the item, these can range from 160 to 200, this should equate to your personal height in centimetres. The most popular size is 180 as the average height is about 5 feet 9 inches. Please note mind that the height measurement 180 is not the length of the garment it is your height but in centimetres.

Here is a simple table to convert the lengths

Centimetres 160cm 170cm 180cm 190cm 200cm
Feet (Approx) 5 feet 3 inches 5 feet 6 inches 5 feet 9 inches 6 feet 2 inches 6 feet 5 inches
  Extra Short Short Regular Tall Extra Tall

Next comes the second number. This is the chest measurement but again in centimetres. If you have ever bought a suit then you should know your chest measurement in inches and we can just convert that into centimetres. For the ones of you that do not know your chest measurement a rough guide is size small will equate to 36” – 38”, medium = 40” – 42”, I have included a full table below to help.

Centimetres 88cm 96cm 104cm 112cm 200cm
Inches 35" 38" 41" 44" 47"
  Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large

So that’s it, you should now be able to work out your size in any of the genuine military shirts or jackets. Now lets have a look at the trousers.

Military Trouser Sizes

The main difference between the jacket / shirt sizes and the trousers is they always come with three numbers split with a / not just two as the jacket do. First number relates to the in-seam or inside leg, middle number is the waist size and the third number is the size of the seat. If you have looked on our website and checked out our sizes you may have noticed that we do not even show the seat size, this is because you cannot request different seat sizes in a given waist /inside leg size, for instance if you need a trouser with a 36” waist and a long leg you will have a 44” seat size and that is the only option.

Here are the leg length sizes available

Centimetres 75cm 80cm 85cm 90cm
Inches 29" 31" 33" 35"
  Small Regular Long X-Long

Followed by the waist sizes

Centimetres 72cm 76cm 80cm 84cm 88cm 92cm 96cm 100cm 104cm 108cm 112cm 116cm
Inches 28" 30" 31" 33" 34" 36" 38" 39" 41" 42" 44" 45"

So I hope that this has maybe cleared up the confusion of British Army clothing sizes and that you are now feeling well informed, but if you are still struggling and don’t know what size to buy, just give us a ring and we can convert your size for you.

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