HMTC, VCam, BTP, MTP, Multi-camo. Whats The Difference?


We often get asked what the difference between all the camouflage colours actually is, they look the same and can be worn together, so what do all the acronyms actually mean? and what is the difference?

We will start with the official camouflage of the British Army which is MTP.
MTP stands for multi terrain pattern and was created to work in various environments that the British Army operate in. As MTP is the official camouflage of the British Army its use is only permitted by companies who manufacture specifically for the MOD. 

 MTP Pattern Camouflage


HMTC (Highlander Multi Terrain Pattern) is produced by Highlander an outdoor company that produces products for the military and air-soft markets. HMTC has been specifically designed to blend with MTP and Multicam clothing and equipment.

HMTC Pattern Camouflage


BTP (British Terrain Pattern) is manufactured by Kombat UK. This has been developed over several years to again be completely compatible with the genuine issue MTP. The current version of BTP has become indistinguishable against MTP.

BTP Pattern Camouflage


 VCam (Viper Cam) developed by Viper which is a large air-soft manufacturer. VCam Pattern Camouflage

and finally Multi-camo. This has become the generic term for camouflage patterns that mimic the British Army MTP. Smaller companies don`t have the time or resources to develop a specific branded camouflage so use the generic term multi-camo. These patterns can vary slightly but you can be assured that they will not stand out against your chosen kit.

Here are some examples of the different patterns in our store. 

BTP Camo MTP Camo VCam Camo HMTC Camo 
BTP Camo MTP Camo VCam Camo HMTC Camo

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