iProtec Torches

iProtec LED torches are a new addition to our range, they are superb small compact torches which pack a punch. A range which starts from 100 Lumens max output through to 280 Lumens, all made with LED technology which extends battery power and all made with metal casings. The range starts with the 100 lumen Chameleon which has white, red and green light available built into the torch which is adjustable with the slightest press on the soft touch on/off button also with 4 X zoom magnified lens are just some of the features. Next models consist of the 180, 220 and 280 lumen power versions which all have white light with the same zoom function and glow in the dark end cap button on/off switch, belt clips among other features. These torches are great value and feel great in the hand when operational, all supplied with batteries either AA or AAA.

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