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Light My Fire is a company from Sweden founded in 1995 so fairly new in terms of today’s products. Light My Fire has a small but controlled range of products that are well made, practical and robust .

They are well known and highly respected for their products but none more so than their ingenious design of the Spork sparking a revolution. The Spork Original is their most popular item and is available in all sorts of colours, it is comprised of as the names says a spoon & fork with a serrated edge along the side of the fork for cutting, what more could you want.

There are different versions of this design including a Titanium Spork model which is extremely robust and should last a life time as Titanium is non-corrosive and extremely strong. Spork lover or not you have to agree that Light My Fire as a company and brand is impressive as is their innovation, you only have to look at their firesteels for example to see their worth. Their range of fire starters start from the very small mini version right up to the large Army models and although a little more expensive than some competitors should prove to be a good investment over cheaper models from other manufacturers , which can be softer and wear out more quickly. So all in all if you buy a Spork or Firesteel from Light My Fire you will not only be buying it but loving it for a lifetime.

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