Lowa Patrol Boot (Taskforce) – Review


For many years the standard issue British army boot has served well and been very popular with serving military, T.A and civilians, however in the modern army and changing times many people particularly serving military personnel require something more.

Over the last 45 years we have always had a good range of footwear for retail covering military and outdoor hiking sectors but in recent years we have built up a decent range of alternative boots with varying specifications to suit an individuals needs and more importantly their budget, however we had never ventured to the top end heights of the footwear market until we found a demand for Lowa.

A little over 12 Months ago we began to stock Lowa military boots, their Taskforce collection of military boots covers a little over a dozen styles of which a few are designed for desert condition use, several designed with Gore-tex linings and some similar without the Gore-tex. After researching with the manufacturer/distributors combined with information provided from customers requiring these boots 2 styles were recommended and chosen to suit our customer needs, the Patrol boot and the Gore-tex lined Combat GTX boot.

Both the Patrol and Combat GTX models are of similar specification with just a few subtle differences, however your decision may depend on 2 things, either what you want from the boots or the price difference may sway your choice.

The shared common features of the two models are listed below:-

  • Sturdy water repellent 2.6mm leather
  • Cambrelle lining for outstanding climate control, breath-ability and wear resistance
  • Vibram “Tsavo” sole unit (repairable)
  • Achilles leather flex panel in heel for extreme comfort
  • Climate control system and insole
  • Extra strong hooks and “D” rings

The additional features of the Combat GTX model:-

  • Gore-Tex membrane
  • Slightly higher leg (approx 1″) provides extra support
  • Extra lace hook

These features combined offer extremely good support and comfort for the wearer which is not only confirmed by it`s reputation but by our own customer satisfaction and response from having used them in the field.

A good example of this is from a serving member of the T.A who has been using the Lowa Patrol boots for the past 6 months, the boots have been used continuously in civilian life and for military use in particularly noted for the 2011 annual camp for the 3 Royal Welsh and their exercises over the course of a fortnight at Sennybridge. The boot was used in the field and for vehicle driving which due to the lower cut ankle suited the purpose better than their previous higher leg issue boots. Overall the impression of the product has been good and response encouraging, the wear and tear of the boot over the 6 months has been endured very well when taking into account the vast amount of use seen. When asked about the choice of models between the Patrol & Combat GTX and why the Patrol was chosen, in this particular case it came down to the cost and the fact that even without the Gore-Tex the leather of the boot when cared for correctly would still give excellent resistance–which it did and continues to do so.

At the end of the day it`s down to price and personal preference, but which ever model chosen it seems that you can`t go far wrong with Lowa Taskforce military boots.

The only other point to mention regarding the Lowa products is the service, in particularly the models we stock have a re-soleable Vibram unit which can be done within a short space of time although we have not come across this yet, however on a plus note, in the course of 1 year we have only experienced one problem with a “D” ring which became loose, the customer had the boot repaired and returned to him free of charge at the shop within 1 week to his surprise for which only put more trust and faith in the brand and the after service.

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