Marauder Webbing


We have just taken delivery of a range of Marauder webbing items, all items have been manufactured in the UK and have been designed to meets military requirements and durability. Constructed using MTP cordura from an MOD certified UK supplier so will blend with current issue clothing and accessories seamlessly. The fabric is also water resistant, infra red resistant / repellent and extremely versatile.

The research and design development of the items has been performed using former military personnel who know how hard equipment has to perform in a military setting.

We currently have their roll pin belts in standard olive, light olive for MTP use and sand.

Marauder Roll Pin Belt


Airborne webbing in 3 and 4 pouch configurations

Airborne Webbing 3 Pouch Airborne Webbing 4 Pouch

and utility straps

Utility strap

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