Modular webbing systems, pouches & equipment

Modular webbing systems, pouches & equipment

For several years now webbing systems have been increasingly changing over to Modular systems (molle webbing). This new style and type of set up has strips of webbing attached to the plain assault vest looking like a ladder effect allowing a pouch with the modular fitting on the back to be positioned anywhere. Pouches can be re-positioned at a moments notice without too much hassle, giving the wearer the freedom of a personal set up. The military Osprey system is now being produced in MTP to fit the latest British Army pattern. There are various Osprey pouches to fit such as:- mag & grenade, water bottle & utility, LMG 100 rounds & UGL 8 rounds, and first aid medic pouches.

Modular based products such as the assault vest are being produced by plenty of companies which are all compatible with one another making it easier when sourcing pouches be it in camo or plain colours like the Viper Assault Vest Platform and the varying pouches they have to accessorize the vest. There are also drop leg platforms and chest harnesses to choose from. Some brands such as Viper & Kombat produce many shapes and sizes of daysacks & bergens also heavily featuring modular webbing for additional storage with molle pouches hanging off all parts of the pack, again easily interchangeable from your webbing/battle belt to your Bergen and back again reducing the need for excessive pieces of kit for a specific purpose.

Molle systems look like they are here to stay for quite some time as it would be hard to beat this design for ease of use and versatility, even down to replacement parts, you just get a new pouch when one wears out.

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