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We've taken delivery of some new items in the last couple of weeks.

Firstly we start off with Water To Go bottles, these filter out any bacteria or viruses making it the perfect travel companion. The filters are designed for 2 months worth of use and come with a handy timer letting you know when to change filters.


 Water to Go Bottle Water to Go - Jungle Camo Water to Go - Desert Camo
Water to Go Logo

Secondly we have more military items from Firefly and Viper Tactical, we now stock both Mark 1 and 2 Firefly Arc Markers. Think of this as a plastic spike with a high visibility and glow in the dark panel. The glow is provided by a Trigalight radioluminescent panel which requires no charging or power and will glow for at least 10 years.

Arc Marker Mk2 - Pack Arc Marker Pack - Mk1  Firefly Arc Marker Mk2 Firefly Arc Marker Mk1
Firefly Logo

Our Viper range as mentioned has also been increased with various new style pouches such as micro and mini utility pouches, phone utility pouch and a new style dump bag all of which is of course Molle compatible so will fit onto your plate carrier / assault vest.

Viper Mini Utility  Viper Phone Pouch Viper Splitter Pouch Viper Scrote pouch
Viper Logo

There is also something a bit different for us, the Mini Belt Platform available in Black or VCam is designed to slide onto any type of belt no wider than 2 inches. It is a small Molle platform so you can attach a pouch or two (eg. pistol holster and magazine pouch) without having to look like a mercenary and carry other unnecessary items as you do with normal beltkit / chest rig. It also keeps you covert for any of you sneaky beaky types out there.

Viper Mini Belt Platform VCam  Viper Mini Belt Platform

Lastly then there is the range of waxes and polish from Altberg, we now stock their Leder Glos (polish) in MOD Brown and Leder Gris (waterproofing wax / oil) in MOD Brown and Original Clear. The Glos is perfect for Altberg boots and you wont get that dreaded beetroot coloured leather after use.
The Gris is an amazing product which keeps the leather nurtured but will also keep a nice water repellant coating which keeps water at bay effectively also increasing the life span of the uppers of your boots.

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