Review of Canoe / Dry Sacks

The world of waterproofing can be quite difficult at times especially when you`re trying to protect items from even the smallest amount of water. Individual items of clothing, documents and even electronic hardware can be sealed away with peace of mind that water will not get into them with the use of a dry sack. A dry sack is a very simple idea with either a clear or opaque (sometimes combined) waterproof fabric made into a bag with heat sealed seams. Along the opening edge you would usually find a reinforced strip of webbing and a quick release buckle sewn on the end which is then designed to be rolled down several times, clipped together with the buckle, this then forming an air tight seal allowing nothing in or out. Dry sacks are available in almost any size from as little as 1 or 2 ltr capacity to 120 Ltr and up. More modern versions designed for mobile smart phones even have touch screen capable material enabling use without taking the phone out of the secure water tight case. Any person taking part in an expedition, walk, military exercise or general field use would most certainly have a requirement for a dry sack of some description be it for individual items or to completely line out a rucksack to take everything. There are many company’s producing all kinds of dry sacks with the Snugpak Dri-Sacks being one of the leading brands which is offered in the smaller sizes of 4, 8, 13, 20 & 35 Ltr proving popular with the army as they are made in military colours olive green, black and Coyote tan.

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