Sunwise Sunglasses

Sunwise sunglasses are made by a British company and have a wide varied and accomplished range targeted at mainly the active outdoors market and sports activities. Their styling shows the range to be very versatile and do not look out of place against the expensive brands making Sunwise affordable to everyone and practical so you will be proud to use them on a daily basis.
The majority of the Sunwise sunglasses range uses a strong yet lightweight poly-carbonate frame and are provided with their category 3 for strong light lenses, combined with 100% protection against harmful ultra-violet rays and panoramic styling they give maximum eye protection. Certainly their range comprises different styles and features such as inter-changeable lenses for varied light levels and half frames for reduced weight and polarised lenses for those who are using them near water. Some comprise all these features for the ultimate eye protection for the professional sports or outdoor activity person or just for everyday practical fashion and holidays abroad. One things for sure, and this is from personal experience, from someone who has more than one set, you won`t be is disappointed with a pair of Sunwise sunglasses and your pocket will also be pleased as prices can start from around £15, recommended to give them a try.

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