Cadet Uniform

We have varying Cadet groups from the different areas of the forces, but mainly army cadets of which there are over 40`000 in the UK. Army cadets are for kids aged 12 years to 18 years at which point they can become adult instructors if they wish. Being an Army cadet can provide you with so much experience and skills that you`ll never have a dull moment, from weekly meetings and parades to annual camps and even your Duke of Edinburgh Award, there`s always plenty to do and you can even obtain proper qualifications which all helps if you wish to move on to the Military Preparation College and then to pursue a career in the Army full time. One of the biggest problems a cadet may face is actually obtaining cadet kit and cadet uniform and at the right price. We specialise in the basics needed for any cadet or person starting basic army training and have the correct style of clothing which is used, from trousers to tent pegs and trouser twists to bergans we have the lot in stock and all at affordable prices too. We can supply everything you need to be a cadet direct to your door.