Camping & Survival

Here you will find all your camping essentials, a large range of sleeping bags manufactured by Snugpak and Highlander-Proforce all in the proven mummy shape to increase warmth and reduce weight. The ratings on the sleeping bags are given in season ratings and also temperature ratings in degrees, this is split into comfort and extreme ratings. Cooking equipment has also been included in this section and has everything from gas burners to billy can sets and mess tins. The camping accessories section includes all the other products that can be essential for a camping trip from deet insect repellent to additional groundsheets to use with larger tents. Our main focus area for camping is backpacking where things are generally more compact and lighter. This section includes sleeping bags, camping mats and everything you require for cooking.

The popularity of field and bushcraft skills has increased dramatically in recent years. The variety of products and equipment available is vast, however the basics will never change which is reflected in our range of bushcraft and survival aids.