Load Carrying

Load Carrying is split into two sections, bags including rucksacks, bergans, holdalls and canvas bags. The second section includes webbing which is also split down for your ease. The molle and modular compatible particular systems can not only be found on the assault vests but are now being incorporated into rucksacks to add to the range of molle platforms belts and drop leg systems. The webbing systems and accessories that we stock are from well know brands like Viper, Proforce & Vanguard, they all have many years experience producing products in the military trade. We keep in stock a wide assortment of webbing that should suit all kinds of applications and situations, whether you require standard DPM, Black or new Multicam pattern items for which the range is increasing all the time we have got something you need. Webbing pouches, belts, harnesses and systems for multi purpose load carring and assault vests which can be adapted, extended and put together to fit the modern day molle systems or modular compatible systems to provide the most versatile kit.