Firefly Arc Marker MK1 x 2

Product Description

Firefly Mk1 lamp self illuminating arc markers enable an arc of fire or safe-lane to be marked quickly and effectively as well as using for hazard marking, map pointing or just tent and path markers. The markers are covert and can be positioned so they are visible only to the user. They can be used in the daytime and through fading light into darkness and are easy to deploy and retrieve.

Compact and lightweight
Over 10 years continuously illuminated
No batteries or switches or maintenence required
Works from a Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS)
Lamp colour - green glow from GTLS
GTLS panel 1.5 x 6.0mm in size
Yellow panel for day and dusk use
Marker GTLS does not affect night eyes / vision
Shrouded GTLS panel enables covert use
Will operate from minus -50 to plus 80 degrees conditions
Works under water up to 80 metres
Safe to use in Zone 0 hazardous atmospheres
Hole near top for loop attachment
Size per marker - 19.6 x 0.9cm
Weight per marker - 10g
Marker housing colour - Black

Army issue

Brand :Firefly
MPN : TD-101BX2