Scapa Fabric Sniper Tape

Product Description

Scapa fabric sniper tape is a flexible protective adhesive wrapping purposely made for applying a stealth covering to weapons or equipment. Scapa genuine issue tape is well renowned for being easy to cut or tear by hand if needed whilst being highly durable and effective in military conditions and doesn`t leave sticky residue if removed for reuse.
10 Metre roll Scapa IRR Erebis/MTP sniper tape
Genuine issue tape from Scapa 50mm wide x 10m
IRR infra red reflective meeting IRR specs
Conceals weapons and equipment, reducing glare and visibility
Washable and reusable and leaves no sticky residue
Protect equipment from field scratches
Minimizes metallic rattling and noise
Acts as an Insulation barrier from hot/cold surfaces
Improves handling and grip of tape covered items
Easy to cut or tear by hand which highly durable to weathering
Tape can be molded to any shape when covering items
Adhesive coated fabric tape
Colour - EREBIS / MTP

Brand :Scapa